Custom Poultry Processing

Thank you for your interest in our services! We look forward to working with you. Below you can find our pricing and policies. Please read carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

We are the only poultry processing facility in Western Massachusetts with a Small Enterprise Exemption License, which allows poultry processed at our facility to be sold in Massachusetts.

We clean our equipment, tools, and facility using Simple Green, citrus-based degreaser, bleach to sanitize, and rinsing. No chlorine is added to the birds in the chill tanks or during the packing process. Our processing protocol meets standards for organic processing, though we are not yet organic certified.

🐤 We will start accepting reservation requests for 2022 in January 2022.


The price depends on the total number of birds and includes slaughter, processing, chilling, packaging, and labeling. We have a minimum of $100 per processing order (no minimum on number of chickens or turkeys; minimum of 4-5 ducks per batch).

Box charges apply to all orders. Wax boxes are used to pack your final product.

  • Small boxes ($4 each) hold 6-8 whole chickens, depending on size.
  • Large boxes ($5 each) hold 10-20 chickens or 2-6 turkeys, depending on size.

Payment is due at pick up. We accept cash or check (made out to Reed Farm), with checks preferred.

Prices are subject to change.

Base Pricing

Custom Processing

50+ in batch

25-49 in batch

11-24 in batch

1-10 in batch


$5 per bird

$6 per bird

$7 per bird

$10 per bird

*over 6 lbs

$6 per bird

$7 per bird

$8 per bird

$10 per bird

*over 9 lbs

$14 per bird

*non Cornish Cross

add $1 per bird

Stew Hens/Layer Roosters

$7 per bird

$8 per bird

$9 per bird

$10 per bird

Turkeys ($1/lb of dressed weight) †

min $14 per bird

min $20 per bird


$20 per bird, minimum 4-5 birds per batch, $3/bird wax service fee may apply

† Turkey price is $1/lb of dressed weight (minimum $20/bird) and includes default packaging and labeling. For 11+ turkeys, the minimum is reduced to $14/bird. As an example, the price for 5 turkeys would be at least $100: $20/bird and an additional $1 per every pound over 20 lbs dressed.
‡ Please contact us to discuss duck processing. Because plucking efficiency depends on the age of the duck, we cannot guarantee a completely clean pluck. There is a minimum of 4-5 ducks per batch; fewer ducks will not be enough counterweight to be plucked in our equipment and would need to be entirely plucked by hand, requiring far more time and labor.

Packing & Parts

We highly recommend vacuum packing whole birds for better final product quality and preservation.

We do not offer cut up for stew hens/layer roosters or turkeys.

  • Whole bird, bagged in poly bag and crimped - no additional charge
  • Whole turkey, vacuum packed (size allowing) - additional $2 per bird
  • Whole chicken, vacuum packed - additional $0.75 per bird
  • Chicken halved and vacuum packed - additional $1.75 per bird, vacuum pack is included in price
  • Chicken cut into parts and vacuum packed - additional $4 per bird (see more below)

(Chicken Only) For an additional $4 per bird, you may add the option of cutting into parts for your custom processing order, when arranged in advance. The price includes vacuum packing and labeling. All cut up and packing is done by hand and under refrigeration.

  • Our standard cuts are boneless breasts or bone-in breasts, thighs, drums, wings, and carcasses/backs.
  • The parts can also be cut to your specifications at an additional charge. Let's discuss!

Organs & Feet

You can opt to keep the following items from your batch (all or nothing; options apply to the whole batch):

  • (Chicken Only) Feet - additional $0.25 per bird
  • Hearts & Livers - no additional charge
  • Necks - no additional charge

These are available bulk bagged by type in ~4-5 lb vacuum sealed bags (or stuffed in bird for turkeys) at no charge. For chicken, you can opt for us to use ~1 lb vacuum sealed small packs for $1 per bag.

We do not keep organs or feet for stew hens/layer roosters, and we do not keep feet for turkeys.

Crate Rental Service

Chicken crates for transport are available for rent.

Each crate is $3 and holds about 8-12 chickens, depending on size.

Please take into account the season and allow for plenty of space for air flow within the crates. When it is hot during the summer, the chickens will need more space per crate. Upon arrival at the farm, we reserve the right to transfer your birds to more crates if needed to maintain humane treatment of the animals and to charge accordingly. You will save more by using more crates rather than using fewer crates and losing chickens!

Processing Policies

Labels and Sale

For any poultry destined for sale, please provide a printed copy of your batch's Pullorum certificate from the hatchery on your processing date. Poultry raised in Massachusetts and processed at our State-Inspected facility can be sold anywhere in Massachusetts under the Small Enterprise exemption, with appropriate labeling.

Any poultry processed for personal use or batches processed without a Pullorum certificate on record will be marked as "Not for Sale," per Massachusetts state regulation.

Please note that if your poultry is for resale we are required to label them and the label cannot be removed, modified, or obstructed per state regulations. As the processor, we are responsible for any labeling on the packaging. Do not add any labels directly onto the package.

If you would like your logo on the label, please submit that information and .jpeg (or .png) file by email at least 2 weeks before your processing date. Labels are in black and white.

Reservation Dates & Open Communication

Processing reservations are non-transferable and cannot be made for, shared with, or given to, other farms and poultry raisers. This undermines biosecurity tracking and our ability to effectively plan for the tanks, bins, ice, materials, and crew needed for the day's processing reservations.

If there is a change to your batch number (e.g. unexpected higher or lower mortality rate) before your processing date, please keep us in the loop so that we may adapt accordingly.

If there is another issue, please communicate with us so that we may work together on a solution.

Before, About, & After Processing Day

  • Please remove access to feed 12-24 hours before your processing date. The birds should continue to have access to water.
  • Drop off is between 7:00-7:30am at the side of the barn facing the road.
  • Pick up is 2-3 days afterwards, between 3:00-5:00pm. Peter will call and/or Kat will email to let you know when they are ready. They may be ready for pick up earlier.

Full Crop Fee

Batches with birds that have full crops will incur an additional processing fee of $1 per bird.

Full crops are more easily punctured and compromise the quality of the final product. Birds with full crops take longer to process and require additional cleaning of the facility.

Late Arrival Fee

Late arrivals will incur an additional fee of $100 per hour beyond the 7:00-7:30am livestock drop off window. Livestock must be present and properly crated by 7:30am on processing day.

Late arrivals cause delays and pauses in the processing line. We are committed to paying our crew higher wages corresponding to the high levels of skill required for poultry processing at our facility.