Small-scale pastured poultry farm

Full service, year-round custom poultry processing in Western Massachusetts for farmers and backyard poultry raisers.

View of the pasture and hills by Reed Farm in Sunderland, Massachusetts

Welcome to Reed Farm!

Our mission is to provide safe, healthy poultry for our community while respecting our stewardship of the land and employing sustainable and regenerative practices. We hope to increase awareness of how food is produced and distributed, while serving as an educational hub for the public and small farm communities.

Our chickens are pastured as season allows, and raised in hoop houses during the winter.

Humane processing is very important to us. With our full service custom poultry processing facility, we strive to provide local farmers and backyard poultry raisers a humane and high quality product close to home. One of our goals is to eliminate the need to transport livestock long distances, thus reducing stress on the animals and the environment.

We currently offer processing and packaging for chickens, ducks, and turkeys, with cut up available for chicken. We sell our own chickens and ducks in bulk to local consumers and wholesale to grocers, butchers, restaurants, caterers, and schools, and we sell turkeys retail for Thanksgiving.

Be a Local Hero sticker from CISA, Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

We're proud to be a Local Hero Farm with CISA, Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture.

A chick looking at the cameraChickens free roaming in pastureBaby ducklings drinking waterTwo chickens hiding in the grassChicks in the brooderRoaming chickens and geese
A chick looking at the camera

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