About Reed Farm

Welcome to Reed Farm!

Nestled in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts,

Reed Farm opened in May 2019, providing full service custom poultry processing for farms & backyard growers.

We currently offer processing and packaging for chickens and turkeys, with cut up available. We sell chickens wholesale to local grocers, butchers, restaurants, caterers, and schools and turkeys retail for Thanksgiving. 

Reed Farm is named after Peter's great grandfather, George Xenophon Reed, who inherited the family farm in Masonville, Iowa. He was a pioneer in raising Beltsville turkeys from Beltsville MD, a new breed of turkey at the time that were white and large breasted.

Our farm today was founded with the goal of raising healthy poultry for consumption while improving the land. Previously, we ran into problems finding processing locally and performed to our standards. Humane processing is very important to us. Because of this need, we at Reed Farm explored our options and ultimately opened this state inspected poultry processing plant. 

photo by Novella Photography


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide safe healthy poultry for wholesale customers while respecting our stewardship of the land and practicing sustainable and regenerative practices. 

We strive to provide local farmers and backyard poultry raisers a humane and high quality product close to home, eliminating the need to transport livestock long distances, thus reducing stress on them and stress on the environment.